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API Security Protection for GraphQL

About Salt Security

Salt Security, the leading API security company, announced new capabilities in its next-generation Salt Security API Protection Platform to secure GraphQL APIs. This update will enable users of GraphQL, an open-source query language used to build APIs, to leverage Salt Security to discover APIs, mitigate data exposure, stop attacks, and eliminate vulnerabilities at their source.

As the only purpose-built API security tool that can protect GraphQL APIs across their full life cycle, the Salt Security platform delivers critical capabilities the industry needs now. According to industry sources, the number of developers using GraphQL doubled between 2019 and 2020, and adoption is expected to accelerate. APIs built using GraphQL are inherently difficult to secure because of their unique structure and high level of flexibility. Predictably, malicious actors have been quick to develop attack techniques that leverage GraphQL capabilities such as nested queries and query batching to run DoS attacks and to take advantage of the complex access control structure in GraphQL to uncover and exploit critical vulnerabilities.

The Salt Security solution detects and prevents API attacks with the power of AI and Big Data. Deploys in minutes. No configuration required. Ever.

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