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About WunderGraph

Instant Realtime APIs for any Database One unified GraphQL API for all your Data Authentication, Role Based Access Control and Caching Open Source (coming soon) 100x faster than the competition The easiest way to securely expose your APIs

WunderGraph features

Feature Overview API Namespacing for Conflict-Free merging of any number of APIs Authentication using OpenID Connect (OIDC) Authentication-Aware Data fetching to make data fetching easy Authorization - Claims Injection so you can easily build secure apps Authorization - Role Based Access Control to protect operations JSON-RPC to make GraphQL more secure and performant TypeSafe Hooks to easily add custom business logic Mocking for easy development Local Development: Develop locally, deploy globally with ease JSON Schema Validation for enhanced security Database to instant API to instantly generate APIs from your favourite DB Generated Clients to give you a great developer experience with end-to-end type-safety Caching with Automatic Content Revalidation to improve app performance Realtime Subscriptions to keep your UI automatically updated CSRF Protection out of the box to protect Mutations Infrastructure as Code to easily configure your applications through Code File Uploads to S3 compatible Storage Providers to easily upload files Caching: Secure and performant GraphQL Cache Cross API JOINs: Join data from multiple APIs in a single query

WunderGraph pricing

Community - Free Forever

Pro - $50 per user per Month

Enterprise - Custom - Unlimited users / Unlimited APIs

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